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Cyber Security &
Data Protection

Information security and protection of data. Adopt a preventive posture against crises and cybercriminals. Protect your company's applications and data against virtual attacks and natural disasters.

Protect your business from cyber threats and real-world crises

Manage security patches, antimalware, firewalls, backup routines, user privileges and data integrity

Count on Matrix experts and keep your digital transformation safe

Managed security services to keep data and applications from hacker intrusion

Cloud services to keep your business safe

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Strong authentication solution for user identity confirmation.


Protect your company from cybercriminals with the vector security approach.

You have protected data and applications, regardless of consumption location and user location

Data Protection

Ensure the recovery of your company's data and applications to circumvent virtual attacks in addition to crises and disasters

Password Vault and Identity Management (PAM)

Complete solution for access policy management over sensitive content and mission-critical systems

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Vector security for your entire IT park: Hybrid Cloud and Multi-Cloud

Enforce security policies on notebooks and mobile phones, servers and virtualizers, public and private cloud environments, applications and collaboration tools.


State-of-the-art protection against data hijacking attacks and cyber threats, including anti-phishing. It uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to perform heuristic and behavioral analysis of the user. It is capable of generating forensic evidence, valid as evidence in courts of law.

Configuration Management

Gerenciamento automatizado de configurações e patches, com funcionalidade de roll-back, elimina os riscos de sistemas indisponíveis. Avaliações de vulnerabilidade, remote desktop, verificação da integridade física e lógica da unidade de sistema.

Cloud Backup and Restore

Ensure rapid recovery of your company's data, systems and applications through periodic cloud backups. The transactional backup option ensures that the latest version of data is saved and anti-crypto jacking features prevent systems from being hijacked by contaminated backups.

You can create customizable backup policies to meet business and regulatory compliance requirements wherever you are, whether in the data center, on-premises, or in public clouds.

The restoration can be done in a granular fashion of an individual file or an entire directory, database tables or records, mailboxes or email messages, and application structures. The solution supports the restoration and conversion of:
     ● Physical to virtual servers and vice versa
     ● Physical to physical servers
     ● Virtual to virtual servers

At Matrix you can configure reports of scheduled backups, use notarization and electronic signature of backup files, backup and restore of application clusters and SAP HANA backup.

Identity Management and Password Vault (PAM)

An optional PAM (Privilege Access Management) software service for Dedicated Servers and Cloud Computing services.

An access priviledge control platform that stores, manages and monitors all credentials such as passwords, SSH keys and digital certificates in a digital vault.

The password vault uses encryption to offer users the ability to simplify access to a series of distinct credentials. It is possible to access all network resources via SSH and RDP protocols, storing details of access logs for auditing and compliance analysis purposes.

You have at hand a real-time analysis of the actions taken by users and alerts to identify fraud or improper actions.

Cloud Security Management

In this type of service, Matrix is responsible for ensuring that systems are always up to date, applying configurations and patches.

We also carry out vulnerability assessments, intrusion tests (pentest), security benchmarks and ensure that your company is using the best practices in the market for information security.

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Fast and reliable recovery of your applications, systems and data, on any device.

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